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18 Jan 2017 8:19
Rio Olympics
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    Tom Daley can't swim very well

    The 22-year-old Olympic diver may compete in the water for a living, but he admits his capabilities are limited - much to the surprise of a lot of people.

    17 January 2017

    Speaking to Grazia magazine, he said: "I'm not a very good swimmer. I just dive in then swim to the side. I couldn't swim 50m - it would be exhausting...

    "[The biggest misconception about me] is that I'm a swimmer. It's a totally different sport."

    But Tom - who is engaged to filmmaker Dustin Lance Black - enjoys other watersports, though he was saddened when his £8,000 jetski got ruined by "a bit of seaweed".

    He explained: "My biggest extravagance was my jetski, which cost £8,000.

    "I used to take it out in Plymouth and used it every weekend for two and a half years. Then one day a big of seaweed got stuck in the bottom of it and it flooded and sunk like the Titanic."

    And despite his years of training, even diving doesn't always come easy to the hunky sportsman.

    He said: "I was embarrassed this morning when I was back in my first training session in the pool and the first dive I did was a belly flop. Everyone laughed."

    Despite previously showing off his toned physique, Tom admits he regrets some of the pictures.

    Asked what he'd remove from his past off the internet, he said: "My 2013 calendar shoot. There are a lot of topless shots out there, which are awkward and embarrassing.

    "The worst one was me topless in jeans and covered in water."

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