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2 Mar 2021 2:49
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Day 6 Prize: HERO 2 Missile RC Robot

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Congratulations to Max from Gisborne
A perfect gift and companion for your kids, this intelligent HERO 2 Missile Remote Control Robot has intricate craftsmanship, exquisite appearance, and ultimate quality that can provide a fantastic experience for your children.

Engineered with multiple functions like Gesture-Sense, Patrol, and Fire Bullet, this robot can assist your kids as they explore fun things!

Infrared Control:
Through its remote controller, you can command actions to your robot within about 10m.

Intelligent Programming and Auto Display:
It can help stimulate your kids’ creativity and ability as it can be programmed to display some relative actions.

This robot can recognise and respond to your hand movements if you wave in front of it.

Dynamic Music and Dance:
You can watch this robot dance and move along with music, thanks to its mechanised dynamic steps and moves.

Shoot Bullets:
With the cannon on his shoulder, it can launch and shoot bullets if you want to.

Omni-Directional Movements:
Just like a good companion on your adventures, it can slide-walk, move forward and backward, and turn left and right.

Long Battery Life:
Its Lithium battery can last up to an hour of fun.

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