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2 Mar 2024 19:11
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    Sunday, 3 March 2024

    click here for today's programmes One Two TV3 Sky Open Maori TV Eden Duke Bravo
    One in detail Two in detail TV3 in detail Sky Open in detail Maori TV in detail Eden in detail Duke in detail Bravo in detail
    TVNOWUndeclared War (M-L) (11:35pm)
    Movie: Ted (16-VLC) (11:00pm)
    Gold Rush: White Water (encore) (PG-LC) (11:40pm)
     Whakaata Maori (11:10pm)
    Flea Market Flip (G) (11:55pm)
    Movie: The Talented Mr Ripley (16-VLC) (9:40pm)
    911 Crisis Center (M-LC) (11:40pm)
    12:00am   New Zealand Open: Day 3 Hl's (G) (12:00am)
     Infomercials (12:25am)
    Preacher (18-VC) (12:10am)
    911 Crisis Center (M-LC) (12:05am)
    12:30amThe Halcyon (M) (12:30am)
    Movie: Rust And Bone (16-VLS) (12:55am)
    Infomercials (12:40am)
    Nxt (PG-V) (12:30am)
      Preacher (18-VC) (12:55am)
    Infomercials (12:30am)
    1:00amPower (16-VLS) (1:25am)
    1:30am   Infomercials (G) (1:30am)
      Preacher (16-VLS) (1:50am)
    2:00am  Infomercials (2:00am)
      Infomercials (2:00am)
     Infomercials (2:00am)
    2:30am      Preacher (18-V) (2:35am)
    3:00am America's Got Talent Extreme (G) (3:00am)
        DUKE Back in the Future (3:20am)
    3:30amInfomercial (3:35am)
    4:00am  Infomercials (4:00am)
      Infomercials (4:00am)
     Infomercials (4:00am)
    4:30am Would I Lie To You? (PG) (4:30am)
    5:00am Tomorrow's World (5:00am)
    Leading The Way (PG) (5:00am)
        Love It or List It: Vancouver (PG) (5:00am)
    5:30amLeading The Way With Dr. Michael Youssef (5:30am)
    Religious Infomercial (5:30am)
    Charles Stanley (PG) (5:30am)
    6:00amWell Traveller (G) (6:00am)
    John & Lisa's Weekend Kitchen (G) (6:25am)
    Darwin And Newts (G) (6:00am)
    Peppa Pig (G) (6:10am)
    Kangaroo Beach (G) (6:20am)
    Lakefront Bargain Hunt (encore) (G) (6:00am)
    Catdog (PG) (6:00am)
     Key Of David (PG) (6:00am)
    On DUKE today... (6:00am)
    Love It or List It: Vancouver (PG) (6:00am)
    6:30am Love Monster (G) (6:40am)
    Bluey (G) (6:50am)
    Leading The Way (PG) (6:30am)
    Avatar: The Last Airbender (G) (6:30am)
    Purakau (G) (6:30am)
    Tamaiti Tu Winter (G) (6:40am)
    Taki atu Taki mai (G) (6:50am)
    Through The Bible With Les Feldick (PG) (6:30am)
     Love It or List It: Vancouver (PG) (6:50am)
    7:00amTagata Pasifika (7:10am)
    Island Of Mystery (G) (7:05am)
    Scooby Doo! Guess Who (G) (7:15am)
    Charles Stanley (PG) (7:00am)
    Music And The Spoken Word (7:00am)
    Darwin and Newts (G) (7:00am)
    Tamariki Haka (G) (7:10am)
    Te Pamu Kumara (G) (7:20am)
    Turning Point (PG) (7:00am)
    7:30amSongs Of Praise (G) (7:35am)
    Madagascar: A Little Wild (G) (7:40am)
     Hour Of Power (7:30am)
    He Rourou (G) (7:30am)
    Kainga Whakapaipai (G) (7:40am)
    Island of Mystery (G) (7:50am)
    Trisha's Southern Kitchen (G) (7:30am)
    The Chase USA (PG) (7:55am)
     Love It or List It: Vancouver (PG) (7:40am)
    8:00amSusan Calman's Grand Week By The Sea (G) (8:10am)
    Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug And Cat Noir (G) (8:05am)
    Bath Crashers (encore) (G) (8:00am)
     Pao Pao Pao - Between The Lines (G) (8:00am)
    Pao Pao Pao - Between The Lines (G) (8:10am)
    Ka Hao (G) (8:20am)
    Ka Hao (G) (8:25am)
    8:30am What Now? (G) (8:30am)
    Turning Point (PG) (8:30am)
    Beyond Today (8:30am)
    Khumba (PG) (8:30am)
    Baked In Vermont (G) (8:45am)
     Love It or List It: Vancouver (PG) (8:30am)
    9:00amQ+A With Jack Tame (9:00am)
     Love Yurts (G) (9:00am)
    Love Yurts (G) (9:25am)
    Tagata Pasifika (9:00am)
     Rick Stein's Cornwall (G) (9:10am)
     Top Chef (PG) (9:15am)
    9:30am Young Riders (G) (9:30am)
    Dodger (PG) (9:40am)
    What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (PG-LC) (9:50am)
    Tradezone Addicted To Fishing (PG-C) (9:30am)
     Mysteries At The Museum (PG-C) (9:35am)
    10:00amPathfinders (G) (10:00am)
    Home And Away (PG) (10:25am)
     Premier League: Goal Rush (G) (10:00am)
    Loading Docs 2022 - Power of Emotion (G) (10:10am)
    Loading Docs 2022 - Power of Emotion (G) (10:20am)
      Undercover Boss (PG) (10:05am)
    10:30amMarae (10:30am)
     Sandmasters (PG) (10:40am)
     Te Ao Marama (10:30am)
    American Pickers (PG) (10:30am)
    Live: Cricket - BLACKCAPS v Australia (10:30am)
    Botched (PG-C) (10:55am)
    11:00amEat Well For Less NZ (G) (11:00am)
     American Loggers (PG-L) (11:10am)
     Three Maori Boys Go Global (G) (11:00am)
    The 1 Percent Club (PG-L) (11:15am)
    11:30amAttitude (G) (11:55am)
       Giants (G) (11:30am)
      Million Dollar Listing: LA (PG) (11:40am)
    12:00pmFair Go (12:25pm)
    Home And Away (12:05pm)
    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (PG-VC) (12:25pm)
    Extreme RVs (G) (12:00pm)
    American Pickers (PG-C) (12:00pm)
    Giants (G) (12:00pm)
    It's Me Or The Dog UK (PG) (12:05pm)
    12:30pmSunday (12:55pm)
       The Idol (PG) (12:30pm)
    The Chase USA (PG) (12:30pm)
     Million Dollar Listing: LA (PG) (12:35pm)
    1:00pm  CRC Motorsport: Aus Drag Racing Champs (1:00pm)
    Judge Judy (PG-C) (1:00pm)
     Baked In Vermont (G) (1:25pm)
    1:30pm Two And A Half Men (PG) (1:30pm)
     Judge Judy (PG-C) (1:30pm)
     Rick Stein's Cornwall (G) (1:50pm)
     Million Dollar Listing: LA (PG) (1:30pm)
    2:00pmOur Big Blue Backyard (PG) (2:00pm)
     CRC Motorsport: Dunlop Super 2 (2:00pm)
    Masterchef USA (PG-L) (2:00pm)
    Loading Docs 2022 - Power of Emotion (G) (2:10pm)
    21 Day Body Turnaround With Michael Mosley (PG) (2:25pm)
    2:30pm Beauty And The Geek (PG) (2:30pm)
      Michif Country (G) (2:30pm)
      Love It or List It: Vancouver (PG) (2:30pm)
    3:00pmInside Taronga Zoo (G) (3:00pm)
     CRC Motorsport: NASCAR Xfinity Series (3:00pm)
    Tradezone Addicted To Fishing (PG-C) (3:00pm)
    Soul Sessions (G) (3:00pm)
    Dr Dee Alaska Vet (PG) (3:20pm)
    3:30pm Movie: Hotel Transylvania (G) (3:40pm)
     'Diners, Drive-Ins And Dives' (PG-L) (3:30pm)
    Huro Pepi (G) (3:30pm)
      Judge Jerry (G) (3:30pm)
    4:00pmNZ Hunter Adventures (PG-C) (4:00pm)
     CRC Motorsport: NASCAR Cup Series (4:00pm)
    Pawn Stars (PG-C) (4:00pm)
    Heritage Rescue (G) (4:00pm)
    Jamie's Super Food Family Classics (G) (4:15pm)
     Judge Jerry (G) (4:00pm)
    4:30pm   Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix Hl's (G) (4:30pm)
       Judge Jerry (G) (4:30pm)
    5:00pmThe Chase (G) (5:00pm)
     Ocean Bounty (G) (5:00pm)
     Whanau 2021 (PG) (5:00pm)
    Mysteries At The Museum (PG-C) (5:15pm)
     Judge Jerry (G) (5:00pm)
    5:30pm Friends (G) (5:30pm)
     News First On Sky Open (5:30pm)
       Top Chef (PG) (5:30pm)
    6:00pm1News At Six (6:00pm)
    The Big Bang Theory (G) (6:00pm)
    Newshub Live At 6pm (6:00pm)
    American Pickers (PG-C) (6:00pm)
    Te Reo Rangatira (G) (6:00pm)
    Te Reo Rangatira (G) (6:10pm)
    Te Reo Rangatira (G) (6:20pm)
    American Pickers (PG) (6:10pm)
    6:30pm    Marae DIY (G) (6:30pm)
     Fish Of The Day (G) (6:30pm)
    Hoarders (PG) (6:30pm)
    7:00pmHyundai Country Calendar (G) (7:00pm)
    Movie: Minions: The Rise Of Gru (PG-V) (7:00pm)
    Married At First Sight Australia (PG-LC) (7:00pm)
    Storage Wars (PG-L) (7:00pm)
     Missing Pieces (PG) (7:00pm)
    Aussie Bull Catchers (PG) (7:00pm)
    7:30pmSunday (7:30pm)
      Dynamic Planet (PG-C) (7:30pm)
    Loot (PG) (7:30pm)
    Moonshiners (M-L) (7:30pm)
    Kings of Pain (PG-LC) (7:35pm)
    Movie: Pitch Perfect (M-LS) (7:30pm)
    8:30pmGrand Designs UK (G) (8:30pm)
    Movie: White House Down (M-V) (8:30pm)
    Movie: Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice (M-VL) (8:35pm)
    The Fear Index (16-VLS) (8:30pm)
    The Winter Boy (PG) (8:30pm)
    The Grand Seduction (M) (8:40pm)
    Movie: Dark Water (M-LC) (8:30pm)
    New: NZ Hunter Adventures (PG-C) (8:30pm)
    9:30pmThe Castaways (16-LC) (9:35pm)
      Miles From Nowhere (M-LC) (9:30pm)
      New: Alone - Grizzly Mountain (PG) (9:30pm)
    Snapped: Behind Bars (M-VC) (9:50pm)
    10:00pm   The Gilded Age (M-VLSC) (10:00pm)
    10:30pmDr. Death (16-LC) (10:35pm)
       Whakaata Maori (10:40pm)
    Ridley (M-C) (10:50pm)
    Saving Lives At Sea (M) (10:55pm)
    Embarrassing Bodies (M-SC) (10:50pm)
    11:00pm FBI: International (M) (11:05pm)
     New Zealand Open: Day 4 Hl's (G) (11:05pm)
    11:30pmBloodlands (M-VL) (11:35pm)
     Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion (M) (11:30pm)
    Julia (M-LS) (11:35pm)
     Flea Market Flip (G) (11:50pm)
    Curse Of Oak Island (PG) (11:55pm)
    911 Crisis Center (M-LC) (11:45pm)
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