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28 May 2022 3:51
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    Saturday, 28 May 2022

    click here to show all programmes showing today, including those already aired One Two TV3 Prime Maori TV Eden Duke Bravo
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    TVNOWInfomercial (2:10am)
    Infomercial (2:00am)
    Infomercials (2:00am)
    Prime Infomercials (G) (1:30am)
    Maori Television (11:30pm)
    Infomercials (2:00am)
    DUKE Back in the Future (1:50am)
    Infomercials (2:00am)
    3:00am America's Got Talent (G) (3:00am)
    4:00am  Infomercials (4:00am)
      Infomercials (4:00am)
     Infomercials (4:00am)
    5:30amReligious Infomercial (5:30am)
    6:00amTe Karere (6:00am)
    The Wiggles' World (G) (6:00am)
    Postman Pat (G) (6:10am)
    Apollo's Tall Tales (G) (6:25am)
    Charles Stanley (PG) (6:00am)
    Prime Infomercials (G) (6:00am)
     Cat Vs. Dog (PG) (6:00am)
    On DUKE today... (6:00am)
    Infomercials (6:00am)
    6:30amHyundai Country Calendar (G) (6:30am)
    PJ Masks (G) (6:35am)
    Infomercials (6:30am)
     Waiata Mai (G) (6:30am)
    Purakau (G) (6:40am)
    Taki Atu Taki Mai (G) (6:50am)
    7:00amRural Delivery (G) (7:00am)
    Love Monster (G) (7:00am)
    Madagascar: A Little Wild (G) (7:10am)
      Tamariki Haka (G) (7:00am)
    Smooth (G) (7:10am)
    Te Nutube (G) (7:20am)
    The Pioneer Woman (G) (7:00am)
    DUKEbox Music - NZ Music Month (7:00am)
    7:30amInfomercial (7:30am)
    SpongeBob SquarePants (G) (7:30am)
    Turbo FAST (G) (7:55am)
      Kia Mau (G) (7:30am)
    Cube (G) (7:40am)
    Paia (G) (7:50am)
    Valerie's Home Cooking (G) (7:30am)
    8:00am The Croods: Family Tree (G) (8:20am)
     Top Wing (G) (8:00am)
    The Moe Show (G) (8:25am)
    ASB Polyfest 2018 (8:00am)
    I Hart Food (G) (8:00am)
    DUKEbox Music - NZ Music Month (8:00am)
    Infomercials (8:00am)
    8:30amReligious Infomercial (8:30am)
    Dragons: Riders Of Berk (G) (8:40am)
     We Bare Bears (PG) (8:35am)
    We Bare Bears (PG) (8:50am)
    Pukana 2021 (G) (8:30am)
    Comfort Food Tour (G) (8:30am)
    9:00amAsia Unplated With Diana Chan (G) (9:00am)
    Ninjago (G) (9:05am)
    Power Rangers Beast Morphers (G) (9:15am)
     We Bare Bears (PG) (9:00am)
    Monster Beach (PG) (9:15am)
    Pukana 2021 (G) (9:00am)
    Mysteries At The Museum (PG-C) (9:00am)
    DUKEbox Music - NZ Music Month (9:00am)
    9:30amTagata Pasifika (9:30am)
    The Simpsons (G) (9:40am)
    Newshub Nation (9:30am)
    Ben 10 (PG) (9:30am)
    SmackDown (PG-V) (9:50am)
    Korero Mai (G) (9:30am)
    10:00amJohn & Lisa's Weekend Kitchen (G) (10:00am)
    Fresh (G) (10:00am)
      Korero Mai (G) (10:00am)
    Money For Nothing (G) (10:00am)
    DUKEbox Music - NZ Music Month (10:00am)
    Shark Tank (PG) (10:00am)
    10:30am The Walkers (G) (10:30am)
    Kevin McCloud's Rough Guide To The Future (PG-LC) (10:30am)
    Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG-C) (10:50am)
    Ako (G) (10:30am)
      Keeping Up With The Kardashians (PG-LC) (10:50am)
    11:00amWho Wants To Be A Millionaire UK (G) (11:00am)
    Would I Lie To You? (G) (11:00am)
     Whose Line Is It Anyway? (PG-C) (11:25am)
    Haka Ngahau a-Rohe (G) (11:00am)
    Restored (G) (11:00am)
    DUKEbox Music - NZ Music Month (11:00am)
    11:30am  You Live In What? (G) (11:30am)
     Haka Ngahau a-Rohe (G) (11:30am)
      Keeping Up With The Kardashians (PG-LC) (11:50am)
    12:00pmMiranda (PG) (12:10pm)
    America's Got Talent (G) (12:10pm)
     1st XV Rugby: Whangarei Boys High vs Ros (G) (12:00pm)
    Mauri Reo Mauri Ora Kura Tuatahi (G) (12:00pm)
    Dancing On Ice (PG) (12:00pm)
    Extreme E Magazine - Electric Odyssey (G) (12:10pm)
    12:30pm  Grand Designs UK (PG) (12:30pm)
     Ariki (G) (12:30pm)
     Funny You Should Ask (PG) (12:40pm)
    Southern Charm (PG-LSC) (12:50pm)
    1:00pmSarah Beeny's Renovate Don't Relocate (G) (1:25pm)
    Mike & Molly (PG) (1:10pm)
      Whakatauki (G) (1:00pm)
     Funny You Should Ask (G) (1:05pm)
    Funny You Should Ask (PG) (1:25pm)
    1:30pm  Dancing with the Stars NZ (1:30pm)
    Super Rugby Pacific Highlights (G) (1:45pm)
    Karanga The First Voice (G) (1:30pm)
     Funny You Should Ask (G) (1:50pm)
    Southern Charm (PG-LSC) (1:45pm)
    2:00pmBling (G) (2:25pm)
    The Good Witch (G) (2:00pm)
     The Moe Show (G) (2:05pm)
    We Bare Bears (PG) (2:15pm)
    Whaikorero (G) (2:00pm)
    This Time Next Year UK (PG) (2:00pm)
    London - 2000 Years Of History (G) (2:10pm)
    2:30pm Star Trek: Discovery (PG-V) (2:50pm)
     We Bare Bears (PG) (2:30pm)
    We Bare Bears (PG) (2:45pm)
    Iwi Anthems (G) (2:30pm)
      Tiny House Nation (PG) (2:40pm)
    3:00pm  Dancing with the Stars NZ (3:00pm)
    Monster Beach (PG) (3:00pm)
    Ben 10 (PG) (3:15pm)
    Intrepid Journeys (G) (3:00pm)
    Little Giants (PG) (3:00pm)
    River Monsters (PG-C) (3:00pm)
    3:30pmMy Unique B&B (G) (3:30pm)
    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (PG-C) (3:55pm)
     Wheel Of Fortune (G) (3:35pm)
     Little Giants (PG) (3:30pm)
    Xploration - Awesome Planet (G) (3:55pm)
    Hoarders (PG) (3:40pm)
    4:00pm  Buddy vs Duff (G) (4:05pm)
    Judge Judy (PG) (4:00pm)
    Marae DIY (G) (4:00pm)
    The Best Thing I Ever Ate (G) (4:00pm)
    Impossible Engineering (G) (4:20pm)
    4:30pmA New Zealand Food Story (G) (4:30pm)
      Judge Judy (PG) (4:30pm)
     The Best Thing I Ever Ate (G) (4:30pm)
     Ghost Hunters (PG-C) (4:35pm)
    5:00pmThe Chase (G) (5:00pm)
    Superman & Lois (PG) (5:00pm)
    Dodgeball Thunderdome (PG-L) (5:00pm)
    Honey Wars (PG-L) (5:00pm)
    Kai Safari (G) (5:00pm)
    Mysteries At The Museum (PG-C) (5:00pm)
    The Big Bang Theory (PG) (5:15pm)
    5:30pm   Prime News - First At 5.30 (5:30pm)
    Shear Bro (G) (5:30pm)
     The Big Bang Theory (PG) (5:40pm)
    Bar Rescue (PG-LC) (5:35pm)
    6:00pm1 News At 6pm (6:00pm)
    The Cube (G) (6:00pm)
    Newshub Live At 6pm (6:00pm)
    American Pickers (PG-C) (6:00pm)
    Matau Bros Gone Fishing (PG) (6:00pm)
    Money For Nothing (G) (6:00pm)
    Mythbusters - There's Your Problem (G) (6:05pm)
    6:30pm    My Party Song (G) (6:30pm)
     Ultimate Rides (G) (6:35pm)
    Undercover Boss (PG) (6:30pm)
    7:00pmTipping Point Lucky Stars (G) (7:00pm)
    Movie: Cars 3 (G) (7:00pm)
    Movie: Minions (PG) (7:00pm)
    Storage Wars (PG-L) (7:00pm)
    The Silver Brumby (G) (7:00pm)
    My Lottery Dream Home International (G) (7:00pm)
    Family Guy (PG-C) (7:05pm)
    7:30pm   Sal's NBL: Tuatara vs Bulls Live (G) (7:30pm)
     Celebrity Catch Phrase (PG) (7:30pm)
    The Simpsons (PG) (7:30pm)
    Botched (PG-C) (7:30pm)
    8:00pmLotto (8:00pm)
    The Wall (G) (8:05pm)
         The Simpsons (PG) (8:00pm)
    8:30pm Movie: Suicide Squad (16-VC) (8:50pm)
    Movie: Girls Trip (16-LSC) (8:50pm)
     Tangerines (M) (8:40pm)
    Movie: Love & Other Impossible Pursuits (M-LS) (8:30pm)
    Taskmaster (M-L) (8:30pm)
    The Real Housewives of Miami (M) (8:30pm)
    9:00pmFilm On 1: Finding Your Feet (M-L) (9:00pm)
         Movie: Don't Say A Word (16-VL) (9:25pm)
    9:30pm   Super Rugby Pacific: Moana Pasifika vs B (G) (9:30pm)
       The Real Housewives Of New Jersey (M) (9:30pm)
    10:00pm    Billy T James (PG) (10:10pm)
    10:30pm    Billy T James (PG) (10:40pm)
    Celebrity Catch Phrase (PG) (10:40pm)
     Buried in the Backyard (M-VC) (10:30pm)
    11:00pmTrigger Point (16-VL) (11:05pm)
    Bel Air (16-L) (11:05pm)
    Movie: Vows Of Deceit (M-VC) (11:15pm)
     Maori Television (11:10pm)
     Alphas (M-V) (11:25pm)
    Snapped (M-VC) (11:25pm)
    11:30pm   NRL Premiership: Warriors vs Knights (G) (11:30pm)
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