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16 Jul 2019 10:52
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    Tuesday, 16 July 2019

    click here to only show programmes not already aired today One Two TV3 Prime Maori TV Choice TV Duke Bravo
    One in detail Two in detail TV3 in detail Prime in detail Maori TV in detail Choice TV in detail Duke in detail Bravo in detail
    TVNOWThe Catch (AO) (11:45pm)
    The Middle (G) (12:25am)
    Newshub Nation (encore) (11:35pm)
    Netball World Cup (G) (11:25pm)
    Maori Television (11:35pm)
    Mysteries at the Museum (G) (12:00am)
    Wimbledon Highlights Day 13 (12:05am)
    Infomercial (12:20am)
    12:30amTe Karere (12:35am)
    Shortland Street (PGR) (12:50am)
    Infomercials (12:40am)
    1:00amInfomercial (1:00am)
      The Late Show With Stephen Colbert (PGR) (1:00am)
     River Cottage Every Day (G) (1:00am)
    Jaguar eTrophy Race (1:00am)
    1:30am Infomercial (1:40am)
    2:00amInfomercial (2:00am)
      Overnight (2:00am)
     Selling Houses With Amanda Lamb (G) (2:00am)
    Jaguar eTrophy Race (2:00am)
    2:30amInfomercial (2:30am)
    Regular Show (G) (2:40am)
    Army Wives (G) (2:50am)
    3:00am     Love Nature: Hope for Wildlife (G) (3:00am)
    DUKE Back in the Future (3:00am)
    3:30amInfomercial (3:30am)
    Bachelor In Paradise (PGR) (3:35am)
    4:00amInfomercial (4:00am)
        Ancient Invisible Cities (G) (4:00am)
    5:00am Neighbours (PGR) (5:05am)
    Infomercials (5:00am)
      Mysteries at the Museum (G) (5:00am)
     Infomercial (5:00am)
    5:30amTe Karere (5:35am)
    Tomorrow's World (5:30am)
    City Impact Church (5:30am)
    6:00amBreakfast (6:00am)
    Infomercial (6:00am)
    The AM Show (6:00am)
    Codename: Kids Next Door (G) (6:00am)
    Batman: Brave And The Bold (G) (6:25am)
     Paul Hollywood City Bakes (G) (6:00am)
    On DUKE today... (6:00am)
    Infomercial (6:00am)
    6:30am Peppa Pig (G) (6:30am)
    PJ Masks (G) (6:40am)
     Duck Dodgers (G) (6:50am)
    Takoha (G) (6:30am)
    Spongebob Tarau Porowha (G) (6:40am)
    River Cottage Every Day (G) (6:30am)
    7:00am Monchhichi Tribe (G) (7:00am)
    Mysticons (G) (7:25am)
     Kid Vs Kat (G) (7:15am)
    Kia Mau (G) (7:10am)
    7:30am The Tom And Jerry Show (G) (7:50am)
     100 Things To Do Before High School (G) (7:40am)
    Haati Paati (G) (7:30am)
    Huhu (G) (7:40am)
    Huritua (G) (7:50am)
    Jelly Jamm (G) (7:30am)
    Jelly Jamm (G) (7:45am)
    Jaguar eTrophy Qualifying (7:55am)
    8:00am Doc McStuffins: Toy Hospital (G) (8:15am)
     Ben 10: Omniverse (G) (8:05am)
    Pukana 2017 (G) (8:00am)
    Love Nature: Hope for Wildlife (G) (8:00am)
    8:30am Captain Jake And The Neverland Pirates (G) (8:35am)
     Game Shakers (G) (8:30am)
    Tiki Tour (G) (8:55am)
    Paia (G) (8:50am)
     Jaguar eTrophy Race (8:40am)
    9:00amThe Ellen DeGeneres Show (G) (9:00am)
    Infomercial (9:05am)
    The Cafe (9:00am)
    Million Dollar Minute (G) (9:20am)
    Te Ao - Maori News (9:00am)
    Shed and Buried (G) (9:00am)
    9:30am   The Crowd Goes Wild Replay (PGR) (9:50am)
    Easy Eats (G) (9:30am)
    Flippin' RVs (G) (9:30am)
    Doco: Formula E - Street Level (G) (9:40am)
    10:00amTipping Point (G) (10:00am)
    The Middle (PGR) (10:05am)
    Infomercials (10:00am)
    The Doctors (PGR) (10:20am)
    Tangaroa with Pio (G) (10:00am)
     Formula E - New York Qualifying (10:10am)
    Mom's A Medium (G) (10:00am)
    10:30am Neighbours (PGR) (10:35am)
      Paki Vault (G) (10:30am)
    Flippin' RVs (G) (10:30am)
     Million Dollar Listing (G) (10:30am)
    11:00amThe Chase (G) (11:00am)
    My Kitchen Rules (G) (11:05am)
    DailyMailTV (PGR) (11:25am)
    Hot Bench (G) (11:15am)
    Te Araroa Tales from the Trails (G) (11:00am)
      Snapped (PGR) (11:25am)
    11:30am  Face The Truth (PGR) (11:55am)
    Antiques Roadshow (G) (11:40am)
     Selling Houses With Amanda Lamb (G) (11:30am)
    Formula - New York Race (11:40am)
    12:00pm1 News At Midday (12:00pm)
    Judge Rinder (G) (12:10pm)
    All New Dr. Phil (PGR) (12:25pm)
     Hoiho (G) (12:00pm)
      Bachelor Australia (PGR) (12:20pm)
    12:30pmEmmerdale (PGR) (12:30pm)
      Ed (PGR) (12:40pm)
    Billy T James (PGR) (12:30pm)
    Trust Me I'm a Doctor (G) (12:30pm)
    1:00pmCoronation Street Catch-Up (PGR) (1:00pm)
    Will and Grace (PGR) (1:10pm)
    The Block NZ: Firehouse (encore) (G) (1:25pm)
     Toa - Toa o Aotearoa (PGR) (1:00pm)
    1:30pm Home And Away (G) (1:40pm)
     Samoa 2019 Pacific Games (G) (1:40pm)
    Both Worlds (PGR) (1:30pm)
    The Ganges with Sue Perkins (G) (1:30pm)
    Top Gear (G) (1:45pm)
    Millionaire Matchmaker (PGR) (1:30pm)
    2:00pmLocation Location Location (G) (2:00pm)
       Opaki (G) (2:00pm)
    2:30pm Shortland Street (PGR) (2:40pm)
    Vet On The Hill (G) (2:30pm)
    Ther Greats (G) (2:55pm)
    Nga Kapa Haka o Te Tai Tokerau (G) (2:30pm)
    Ancient Invisible Cities (G) (2:30pm)
    Ice Road Truckers (G) (2:45pm)
    Best Room Wins (PGR) (2:30pm)
    3:00pmTipping Point Lucky Stars (G) (3:00pm)
      Wheel Of Fortune (G) (3:00pm)
    Takoha (G) (3:00pm)
    Spongebob Tarau Porowha (G) (3:10pm)
    3:30pm Pokemon Xyz (G) (3:40pm)
    DailyMailTV (PGR) (3:30pm)
    Jeopardy (G) (3:30pm)
    Kia Mau (G) (3:40pm)
    Love Nature: Hope for Wildlife (G) (3:30pm)
    Two And A Half Men (PGR) (3:30pm)
    Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (G) (3:55pm)
    The People's Court (G) (3:30pm)
    4:00pmTe Karere (4:00pm)
    Fanimals (G) (4:00pm)
    Newshub Live At 4pm (4:00pm)
    The Chase Australia (G) (4:00pm)
    Haati Paati (G) (4:00pm)
    Huhu (G) (4:10pm)
    Huritua (G) (4:20pm)
     American Pickers (G) (4:20pm)
    4:30pmFunny You Should Ask (G) (4:30pm)
    The Chase (G) (4:55pm)
    Friends (G) (4:30pm)
    Entertainment Tonight (G) (4:30pm)
     Pukana 2019 (G) (4:30pm)
    Jamie's 30 Minute Meals (G) (4:30pm)
     Million Dollar Listing (G) (4:30pm)
    5:00pm The Simpsons (G) (5:00pm)
    Love Island UK (G) (5:00pm)
    Everybody Loves Raymond (G) (5:00pm)
    ASB Polyfest 2019 (G) (5:00pm)
    Italian Food Safari (G) (5:00pm)
    Fresh Prince of Bel Air (G) (5:10pm)
    5:30pm Home And Away (G) (5:30pm)
     Prime News - First At 5.30 (5:30pm)
    Mataatua - Senior Kapa Haka Regionals 2018 (G) (5:30pm)
    Mysteries at the Museum (G) (5:30pm)
    Top Gear (G) (5:35pm)
    Four Weddings USA (G) (5:30pm)
    6:00pm1 News At 6pm (6:00pm)
    The Big Bang Theory (G) (6:00pm)
    Newshub Live At 6pm (6:00pm)
    Netball World Cup Highlights (G) (6:00pm)
    Nga Uri o Te Tairawhiti (G) (6:00pm)
    6:30pm Neighbours (G) (6:30pm)
      Te Ao - Maori News (6:30pm)
    American Pickers (G) (6:30pm)
    The Big Bang Theory (G) (6:35pm)
    The People's Court (G) (6:30pm)
    7:00pmSeven Sharp (7:00pm)
    Shortland Street (PGR) (7:00pm)
    The Project (7:00pm)
    The Crowd Goes Wild (PGR) (7:00pm)
    Whanau Living (G) (7:00pm)
     Two and a Half Men (PGR) (7:00pm)
    7:30pmOutback Truckers (PGR) (7:30pm)
    My Kitchen Rules (PGR) (7:30pm)
    The Block NZ: Firehouse (PGR) (7:30pm)
    The Channel (PGR) (7:30pm)
    Kitchen Kura (G) (7:30pm)
    Buying & Selling with the Property Brothers (G) (7:30pm)
    The Simpsons (G) (7:30pm)
    Snapped (PGR) (7:30pm)
    8:00pm    Te Ao with Moana (8:00pm)
     The Simpsons (G) (8:00pm)
    8:30pmHow Not To Get Cancer (G) (8:30pm)
     Mean Mums (G) (8:35pm)
    The Spanish Princess (AO) (8:30pm)
    Off the Grid (G) (8:30pm)
    Buying & Selling with the Property Brothers (G) (8:30pm)
    Movie: Escape from New York (AO) (8:30pm)
    The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills (AO) (8:30pm)
    9:00pm Booze Patrol (G) (9:00pm)
    Golden Boy (9:05pm)
     Hunting with Tui (PGR) (9:00pm)
    9:30pm20/20 (9:30pm)
    Grey's Anatomy (AO) (9:30pm)
    All New NCIS: LA (AO) (9:35pm)
    The Neighborhood (PGR) (9:40pm)
    Hunting Aotearoa (AO) (9:30pm)
    Building The Dream (G) (9:30pm)
     Botched (PGR) (9:30pm)
    10:00pm The Resident (AO) (10:25pm)
     The Neighborhood (PGR) (10:05pm)
    Whawhai (10:00pm)
     Taskmaster (AO) (10:15pm)
    10:30pm1 News Tonight (10:30pm)
     Newshub Late (10:30pm)
    Tour De France Highlights (G) (10:35pm)
    Te Ao - Maori News (10:30pm)
    American Pickers (G) (10:30pm)
     Snapped (PGR) (10:30pm)
    11:00pmSunday (11:00pm)
    How To Get Away With Murder (AO) (11:15pm)
    Chicago Med (AO) (11:00pm)
    Netball World Cup (G) (11:05pm)
    Mataatua - Senior Kapa Haka Regionals 2018 (G) (11:00pm)
     Duck Quacks Don't Echo (G) (11:10pm)
    11:30pm  Infomercials (11:55pm)
     Maori Television (11:30pm)
    Mysteries at the Museum (G) (11:30pm)
     Intervention (AO) (11:30pm)
    12:00amThe Hard Stuff With Nigel Latta (PGR) (12:00am)
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