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18 Apr 2021 0:20
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    Sunday, 18 April 2021

    click here to only show programmes not already aired today One Two TV3 Prime Maori TV Choice TV Duke Bravo
    One in detail Two in detail TV3 in detail Prime in detail Maori TV in detail Choice TV in detail Duke in detail Bravo in detail
    TVNOWThe Funeral Of HRH Prince Philip (11:30pm)
    Movie: Hall Pass (AO) (11:10pm)
    The Funeral Of HRH Prince Philip (11:30pm)
    NXT (PGR) (11:30pm)
    Maori Television (11:20pm)
      Snapped (AO) (11:25pm)
    12:00am     Love Nature: How Do Animals Do That (G) (12:00am)
    Infomercial (12:00am)
    Infomercials (12:15am)
    12:30am   Closedown (PGR) (12:30am)
     Posh Pawn (G) (12:30am)
    Infomercial (12:30am)
    1:00am Movie: Inherent Vice (AO) (1:05am)
        DUKE Back in the Future (1:00am)
    1:30am     Best Cake Wins (G) (1:30am)
    2:00am     The Great Interior Design Challenge (G) (2:00am)
    3:00amInfomercial (3:20am)
     Infomercials (3:20am)
      Yukon Gold (PGR) (3:00am)
    3:30am 2 Overnight (3:35am)
    4:00am  Infomercials (4:00am)
      Taken at Birth (PGR) (4:00am)
    5:00am Fresh (PGR) (5:05am)
    Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV 1245 (G) (5:00am)
      Salvage Hunters (G) (5:00am)
     Love It or List It (G) (5:00am)
    5:30amLeading The Way With Dr. Michael Youssef (5:30am)
    Masterstroke (5:30am)
    Charles Stanley (5:30am)
    6:00amRural Delivery (G) (6:00am)
    Building Giants (G) (6:25am)
    Paw Patrol (G) (6:00am)
    Takaro Tribe (G) (6:25am)
    Life TV 279 (G) (6:00am)
    Music And The Spoken Word (G) (6:00am)
     Best Cake Wins (G) (6:00am)
    On DUKE today... (6:00am)
    Love It or List It (G) (6:00am)
    6:30am Muppet Babies (G) (6:35am)
    Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV 1246 (G) (6:30am)
    Believe It Or Not (G) (6:30am)
    Waiata Mai (6:30am)
    Kia Mau (G) (6:40am)
    Potae Pai (G) (6:50am)
    Through the Bible with Les Feldick (6:30am)
     Love It or List It (G) (6:50am)
    7:00amTagata Pasifika (7:15am)
    Masha And The Bear (G) (7:00am)
    Spongebob Squarepants (G) (7:05am)
    Charles Stanley 2116 (G) (7:00am)
    Believe It Or Not (G) (7:00am)
    Taki atu Taki mai (G) (7:00am)
    Tamariki Haka (7:10am)
    Pukoro (G) (7:20am)
    Leading The Way (7:00am)
    DUKEbox Music (7:00am)
    7:30amPraise Be (G) (7:40am)
    Bunnicula (G) (7:30am)
    The Drawing Show (G) (7:50am)
     Hour Of Power (PGR) (7:30am)
    ASB Polyfest 2018 (7:50am)
    Key Of David (7:30am)
     Love It or List It (G) (7:40am)
    8:00amThe Living Room (G) (8:10am)
    What Now? (8:00am)
    Life TV 279 (G) (8:00am)
     Te Nutube (8:20am)
    Discovering... Blondie (PGR) (8:00am)
    DUKEbox Music (8:00am)
    8:30am  Turning Point With David Jeremiah (G) (8:30am)
    Beyond Today (PGR) (8:30am)
    Whanau Living (8:30am)
    Sarah Off the Grid (G) (8:30am)
     Love It or List It (G) (8:30am)
    9:00amQ+A With Jack Tame (9:00am)
     The Funeral Of HRH Prince Philip (9:00am)
    Impact For Life (PGR) (9:00am)
    Oranga Ngakau (9:00am)
     DUKEbox Music (9:00am)
    Flip It Like Disick (PGR) (9:20am)
    9:30am   Life TV (PGR) (9:30am)
     George Clarke's Old House New Home (G) (9:30am)
    10:00amMarae (10:00am)
    Shortland Street (PGR) (10:00am)
     The Masters Highlights (G) (10:00am)
    Huro Pepi (10:00am)
     DUKEbox Music (10:00am)
    Flip It Like Disick (PGR) (10:05am)
    10:30amThe Funeral Of HRH Prince Philip (10:30am)
     The Hui (encore) (10:30am)
     Te Ao Tapatahi (10:30am)
    Salvage Hunters (G) (10:30am)
     Botched (PGR) (10:55am)
    11:00am  Newshub Nation (encore) (11:00am)
    NXT (PGR) (11:00am)
      DUKEbox Music (11:00am)
    11:30am    Te Ao with Moana (11:30am)
    Running Wild With Bear Grylls (G) (11:30am)
     Body Fixers (PGR) (11:40am)
    12:00pm The Voice UK (G) (12:00pm)
    Shark Wranglers (G) (12:00pm)
    Sky Super Rugby Aotearoa: Highlanders vs (G) (12:00pm)
    Home Land and Sea (12:00pm)
     DUKEbox Music (12:00pm)
    12:30pm    Funny Whare - Gamesnight (12:30pm)
    Love Nature: How Do Animals Do That (G) (12:30pm)
     Hoarders (PGR) (12:30pm)
    1:00pm  CRC Motorsport (1:00pm)
    SsangYong Racing Utes (1:01pm)
     2021 National Sprint Champs (1:00pm)
    Love Nature: How Do Animals Do That (G) (1:00pm)
    DUKEbox Music (1:00pm)
    Hoarders (PGR) (1:25pm)
    1:30pm Ap Bio (G) (1:30pm)
    Australian V8 Superboats Championship (1:30pm)
     Akeelah and the Bee (G) (1:30pm)
    Posh Pawn (G) (1:30pm)
    2:00pmMiranda (PGR) (2:20pm)
    Home And Away (PGR) (2:20pm)
     World's Wildest Holidays (PGR) (2:00pm)
      DUKEbox Music (2:00pm)
    Hoarders (PGR) (2:20pm)
    2:30pm  Northern Muscle Cars (2:30pm)
      Yukon Gold (PGR) (2:30pm)
    3:00pmPaddington Station 24/7 Back On The Tracks (G) (3:00pm)
     Western Springs Speedway Grand Final (3:00pm)
    Flights From Hell (PGR) (3:00pm)
      Top Gear (PGR) (3:10pm)
    Catfish (G) (3:15pm)
    3:30pm    Pio Terei Tonight (3:30pm)
    Love Nature: Little Giants (G) (3:30pm)
    4:00pmSouth Seas Spearo (PGR) (4:00pm)
     Monster Jam (4:00pm)
    Hot Bench (PGR) (4:00pm)
     Love Nature: Nature's Strangest Mysteries Solved (G) (4:00pm)
    Top Gear (G) (4:10pm)
    Catfish (G) (4:05pm)
    4:30pm Bob Hearts Abishola (G) (4:40pm)
     Rugby Nation (G) (4:30pm)
    Tagata Pasifika 2021 (4:30pm)
    BBQ Pitmasters (PGR) (4:30pm)
    5:00pmThe Chase (G) (5:00pm)
    Ellen's Game Of Games (G) (5:05pm)
    The ITM Fishing Show Classics (PGR) (5:00pm)
    Paul And Nick's Big Food Trip New Zealan (G) (5:00pm)
    Te Ao Toa (5:00pm)
     Ice Road Truckers (G) (5:10pm)
    The People's Court (G) (5:00pm)
    5:30pm   Prime News - First At 5.30 (5:30pm)
     Mysteries at the Monument (PGR) (5:30pm)
    6:00pm1 News At 6pm (6:00pm)
    Puppies Make You LOL (G) (6:05pm)
    Newshub Live At 6pm (6:00pm)
    ANZ Premiership: Pulse vs Stars (G) (6:00pm)
    Waka Huia 2020 (6:00pm)
     Highway Cops (PGR) (6:00pm)
    Love It or List It (G) (6:00pm)
    6:30pm    Te Ao Marama (6:30pm)
    Salvage Hunters (G) (6:30pm)
    Motorway Patrol (G) (6:30pm)
    7:00pmHyundai Country Calendar (G) (7:00pm)
    Movie: Thor - Ragnarok (PGR) (7:00pm)
    Married At First Sight Australia (PGR) (7:00pm)
       Family Guy (PGR) (7:00pm)
    Movie: American Dreamz (PGR) (7:00pm)
    7:30pmSunday (7:30pm)
      Outback Truckers (PGR) (7:30pm)
    Old Dog (7:30pm)
    Return to the Wild UK (PGR) (7:30pm)
    The Simpsons (G) (7:30pm)
    8:00pm      The Simpsons (G) (8:00pm)
    8:30pmNew: Beat The Chasers (G) (8:30pm)
     Movie: Elysium (AO) (8:30pm)
    Mayday (PGR) (8:30pm)
    Custody (8:45pm)
    Crime Sundays: People Magazine Investigates (AO) (8:30pm)
    New: Taskmaster UK (AO) (8:30pm)
    9:00pm       Beautiful and Twisted (AO) (9:20pm)
    9:30pmLine Of Duty (AO) (9:35pm)
    Movie: The Gallows (AO) (9:30pm)
     MacGyver (AO) (9:30pm)
     Crime Sundays: The Truth About Murder with Sunny Hostin (AO) (9:30pm)
    Patriot Brains NZ (AO) (9:30pm)
    10:30pmLiar (AO) (10:45pm)
     The Rookie (AO) (10:35pm)
    SmackDown (PGR) (10:30pm)
    E Tu Maniapoto (10:30pm)
    Salvage Hunters (G) (10:30pm)
    Taskmaster NZ (AO) (10:30pm)
    11:00pm The Walkers (PGR) (11:05pm)
      Hauraki Ngatahi (G) (11:00pm)
      Dating #nofilter (AO) (11:15pm)
    11:30pmBlack Sails (AO) (11:45pm)
     Hawaii Five-O (AO) (11:30pm)
    NRL Premiership: St George Illawarra Dra (G) (11:30pm)
    Maori Television (11:30pm)
    Return to the Wild UK (PGR) (11:30pm)
    Supercar Customiser (G) (11:30pm)
    Infomercial (11:55pm)
    Dating #nofilter (AO) (11:40pm)
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